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Boutique data consultancy

Our strength lies in our knowledge and the desire to achieve your goals

Our team

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Sharing knowledge is the best thing we can do.

Surajeet started DataPebbles with a passion for all things data. He is pioneer in data strategies and applications. Always excited to talk technology and DIY.

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Knowledge takes time but learnings can be quicker!

Dennis is with DataPebbles from day one. He is a key pillar and a best example of learning attitude among us. He doesn’t stand still when it comes to adopting a new technology, a true achiever.

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Why is the most important question.


Abhishek comes with a vast knowledge of JVM languages. He is always keen to help others. You may find him roaming in the streets with his camera.

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Algorithms are the best tools to let your data talk


Zhi is a seasoned data scientist who has crossed to the other side - the engineering world. The perfect combination. He also goes by Alex.

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Delivering quality requires putting in your best effort


Abdul has diverse experience in data technologies. From data warehouses to Hadoop he has seen it all. In his free time you might find him in the gym.

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A sound platform is the foundation of good customer experience


Jorn is our in-house technical advisor for anything DevOps. He is also a mentor for UtrechtInc.

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Creativity has no limits, but must fit the screen


Magda joined DataPebbles to enhance our digital presence through creative mediums.

Passion. Our core values drive everything we do. We are passionate about doing quality work, creating value for our clients, and providing service with integrity.

Our values







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